Use the entire arsenal of tools and get the maximum profit!

Terms of trade

Types of orders: trading in CFD, you can establish any orders.

Market hour: trade of CFD happens in the business hours of the exchange determined for each separate tool.

Spreads: spreads of CFD are established depending on a certain tool. Spreads are a dynamic concept, and they can change depending on market conditions.

Conversion of currency: treats tools which are quoted not in the American dollars: their profit, a loss (profit/loss (P/L)) and size of point will be transferred to the American dollars immediately. For example: the profit in 20,0 points got at trade in 100 lots DAX 30 will be immediately transferred to the American dollars according to the real course EUR/USD.

The difference in an interest rate – is a difference between the defining tool and currency in which it is nominated.

Financial expenses of TradeBiFo make from 0,50% for currency pairs and of 2,5% for CFD contracts.

The size of a position is defined in number of lots, e.g. 10 barrels = 1 lot of crude oil. Each contract has the basic cost which defines TradeBiFo. If CFD is estimated in other currency, than USD, the exchange rate of dollar established to TradeBiFo is used.

The cost of transfer of a position for a certain tool it is possible to see in a window Tools in a trade platform.

The cost of transfer changes depending on a type of a position (long or short). All charges for transfers will be calculated for a lot, and the final output or the credit of your account for all open lots will be postponed for the same positions.

Period of validity of a certain tool: Depending on circumstances, the CFD tool has validity period. Anyway, you have to be informed that the auction under the contract CFD has to be finished before expiration of the tool. As an alternative CFD pass into determined future prices during the last days off (before official expiration). It is called transfer after term. If there is an essential difference in the price between two futures (Futures), it will be credited or debited from your account, as lawful action to which the sum of an open position on the contract which validity period expires is exposed.

This difference on your account will be displayed as "Collecting for transfer", and the total cost of your capital won't undergo any influence before closing of positions. But you have to be careful and track in time to transfer two future prices. Otherwise the difference will be removed from your account as the order on an entrance will establish market prices, but not in advance stipulated. If you don't want to be exposed to collecting this difference or other similar consequences of transfer of the contract, you have to close positions or cancel orders to the term of transition of positions and then open a new position again.

Period of validity of CFD in the UTIP platform: Future contracts on which CFD is based, have a term of the expiration of action and clients can close the positions before the expiration of its this term. Positions which won't be closed by the client to expiration term, will be closed by TradeBiFo at the current price. In 3-5 days prior to expiration of the current CFD, trade in the similar CFD based on the following future contract will be open. During this period new positions on the outdate CFD can't be open.


Marginal requirements: All CFD positions contain the marginal requirement from 2% to 5%, depending on a type of the contract. You will need to hold means on your account as pledge for an amount of transaction of each CFD.

The marginal requirement has to be supported constantly to keep your positions the open. It is necessary that own capital on your account didn't fall below the marginal requirement, otherwise additional resources have to be added.

Requirement about replenishment of a margin

Clients are recommended to open regularly a trade platform to control a condition of balance on the account in a platform. Compliance can also warn clients by phone and/or by e-mail that they come nearer to automatic elimination of the auction. The client has to control independently need to transfer additional resources for the account or to reduce quantity of positions, or to close them everything.

Clients have to understand that as soon as marginal level falls lower than 20%, all positions on a platform will be liquidated. It will occur without preliminary coordination with the client. Closing of positions will happen at the prices which are most acceptable for you which will be available for this moment to Anchor Markets.

Clients are responsible for arrangement of own orders stop лосс for reduction of losses.

In addition to everything, Anchor Markets can contact the client in any ways with a request for introduction of additional guarantees in the form of pledge for providing the client obligation to Anchor Markets from time to time. Any requirement about introduction of an additional margin can't be considered as precedent neither for the subsequent requirements, nor for refusal of the rights of Anchor Markets to liquidate positions.

Depending on a market situation, TradeBiFo automatically defines the model of execution of warrants, most favorable to the client. At a choice of model the set of comprehensive factors that allows the client to do comfortable business in any mode is considered: both at trade on long-term positions, and at "skalping".

TRADEBIFO company provides some of the best traders in the Forex trade.