Work with the deposit easily and conveniently, without wasting excess time for expectation.

Any financial transactions are made quickly, reliably and is most transparent for you.

Step-by-step instruction for input-output of means.

In the Tradebifo company of the account Light, Standart, Standart +, Premium and Vip it is possible to fill up on any amount; the minimum amount of replenishment of accounts isn't provided. For more information on account types pass on the page with account types.

Input of means

How to deposit a money into the account:


Tradebifo doesn't accept payments from the third parties. Money shall be transferred from the account which is registered on the same a first and last name, as your trading account in Tradebifo.

Introduction of the deposit

To place money for the trading account Tradebifo, at first it is necessary to enter in Personal account, to open the trading account, then in the menu to press to Deposit funds and to choose the preferred payment method. There you will see accurate and detailed instructions.

Withdrawal of funds

How to withdraw funds from the account

Conclusion of a money is available only to those clients who provided personal papers and confirmed the trading account . For loading of documents (confirmation of the personality and a residence address) it is necessary to enter in Personal account Tradebifo. After confirmation of the trading account clients can remove funds from the account.

Step 1

To enter the Personal account and to press the Means Conclusion button.

Step 2

To choose a method of withdrawal of funds, preferable to you.

Step 3

To enter the amount which you want to remove from the account and to confirm a request.

Step 4

This amount will be automatically charged off your trading account.

Time for handling of your money withdrawal request directly depends on the speed of execution of procedures in the bank chosen by the Client in view of what TRADEBIFO can't guarantee specific terms of transfer of funds for the account specified by the client. Practice shows that the successful completion of transaction requires no more than five working days.

ID verification

It is necessary to provide only 3 documents - confirmation of the personality, confirmation of the card, confirmation of the address.


Step 1 / Confirmation of the personality

We accept the passport, the international passport. the passport, driver's licenses (the minimum completion date of the document of 6 months) where it will be accurately visible:

  • 1. Foto.
  • 2. Name.
  • 3. Surname.
  • 4. Age.
  • 5. Nationality.
  • 6. Signature.

Step 2 / Confirmations of the card

For input and output of funds for the card, it is important to company to be convinced that the card belongs to you.

Photo of a credit / debit card with which the deposit where it will be accurately visible is made:

  • 1. The first 6 and last 4 figures of the card.
  • 2. Date of an expiration of the card.
  • 3. Your name.
  • 4. From a reverse side it is important to us to see your signature.

Sensitive data shall be closed: CVC/CVV and averages of the 6th figure of the card shall be closed - a code on the card, it shall be closed.

Step 3 / Confirmations of the address

For confirmation of the address we accept only the following documents:

  • 1. The receipt on payment of municipal services / phones/Internet/TV (3 months aren't more senior).
  • 2. The statement from bank (3 months aren't more senior).

All copies shall be loaded in high quality (the accurate image and the text), in color and without the cut edges (for example, a turn completely of both pages of the passport, but not cut off photo with the Full Name)

Documents shall be scans or photos of paper documents.

Electronic documents (electronic accounts, a passport screenshot from the computer screen) aren't accepted.

  1. Make sure that the place of shooting is well lit; an optimal variant — daylight. Than illumination level is higher, especially the photo will be accurate.
  2. As a background it is better not to use too light or, on the contrary, too dark surfaces. On average tones the automatic exposition works better.
  3. Make sure that the photographed object occupies about 70% of space in a shot. The edges shan't be cut, however it is important to achieve the maximum permission.
  4. After the photo is made, be convinced that it rather accurate and is correctly focused. All data shall be well distinguishable.

In case verification isn't undergone, the Broker can block the account in the presence of open transactions without prior notice.

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