Forex name is formed from two foreign words Foreign Exchange, which means the currency exchange market.

What is Forex?

The name Forex is formed from two foreign words Foreign Exchange that in translation means the market of currency exchange.

Today Forex represents the biggest electronic platform for trade in currencies. Every day in this market the huge volume of transactions for the sum up to 4 trillion US dollars is made. All transactions on Forex are made on the Internet.

Activity basis in the market Forex makes an exchange of national currencies of the different countries. Exchange rates fluctuate depending on a condition of economies of the states and their needs for currencies.

On rate fluctuations of currencies and on their difference it is possible to make good money.

Example: Let's say today you bought euro for 1,2 dollars, and tomorrow euro exchange rate will go up in price to 1,4 dollars, having sold euro tomorrow, you will earn 0,2 dollars!


High profitability!

Work in the market Forex allows to make good money. For many trade in the currency market became the main profession which is called the trader. During the competent work profitability of traders exceeds a rate of inflation and an average rate on bank deposits.

Get profit both on falling, and on growth!

It is unique! In the market Forex you can get profit not only on growth of a course, but also on falling. It considerably raises your opportunities, but demands great attention to changes of a market situation.

24 hours per day. Work when want!

Currency platforms are located worldwide, in all time zones therefore the market Forex works round the clock. You can choose for trade any time, convenient for you, except the days off (on the weekend work in the market Forex stops).

Earn directly from home!

Business on Forex is done on the Internet. To get access to the market to you it is enough to install the special TradeBiFo program on the computer So you can watch changes on Forex and make transactions from an every spot on the globe. It is incredibly mobile kind of activity!

Only a computer and Internet access is necessary for the start!

To start earning in the Forex market you need a computer and Internet access. You will be taught by skilled experts, traders with whom even the very first steps will bring you visible results! You learn the most advanced trade strategy, get access to the best analytics of TradeBiFo.

What is CFD?

CFD — a financial instrument which allows to trade in such assets as gold and silver, without having these goods available. CFD, Contract For Difference in translation into Russian sounds as "contact on a difference in the goods price".

At registration of such contract one party gives the obligation to other party to transfer a difference between the current price of goods (asset) and its price at the end of contact action. Thus by the contract it is provided that no transfer of rights of property to goods happens.

Most often period of validity of the contract in CFD isn't established in advance, the contract can be stopped at the request of one of the parties having such rights.

Earlier simple citizens had no access to tools of the international trade exchanges since for trade it was necessary to have the huge sums of money. Thanks to emergence of CFD possibility of trade on exchange tools appeared at more wide range of persons. Today for work on the contracts CFD there is enough sum from $3000.

Advantages of trade of CFD.

CFD an excellent financial instrument which deservedly enjoys popularity because of the simplicity, small expenses and flexibility.

Wide choice of tools and financial markets.
Opportunity to gain income both on growth, and on falling of the prices.
Flexibility of trade.
Lack of restrictions on sale which meet in exchange trade.
Simple access to trade in the markets of gold and silver.
Attractive rates of financing.
Profitability on transaction costs for the reason of physical lack of a basic asset (goods).

TradeBiFo provides opportunity to earn by means of CDF on trade in gold and silver.


Traders call those who earns on trade in financial instruments, for example currencies or gold in the market Forex (comes from English trade — trade).

In recent years this profession gained huge popularity, and, above all it became much more available. Thanks to modern technologies and development the Internet by the trader can become any person. Only knowledge, the computer and the Internet are necessary for work.

Profession the trader gained the popularity thanking great opportunities for generation of profit. It is a unique kind of activity, successful traders on average work with profitability to 80-100% a month! You can be convinced of it, having visited sections of the site to whom results of work of professional traders of TradeBiFo are presented.

In what appeal of a profession of the trader.

Any person can become the trader.

To become the trader it isn't necessary to have expensive education. It is only necessary to study the computer program — the trade terminal by means of which transactions in the market Forex are made.

To start earning more simply than it seems.

To get profit on trading it isn't necessary to register the enterprises, to look for the starting capital, to engage employees and to rent office. In this profession everything occurs instantly, in this case the thought turns into money instantly.

Trader profession creative and fascinating.

Work of the trader develops an outlook, teaches you to analyze and to find possibilities of generation of profit. The knowledge gained in trading allows to achieve achievements in many other spheres.

Opportunity to choose time and a place of work independently.

The market Forex functions round the clock therefore the trader himself defines the schedule of the work. For trade only the computer and the Internet so the trader isn't attached to one office are necessary and can earn money where to it is the most comfortable.

To itself director.

The trader doesn't need to report to anybody, he defines the purposes and tasks. It is work for those who appreciates a freedom of choice in life, and also is able to set before itself the purposes and to achieve them. Purposeful and active people get in the market Forex the biggest profits.

How to become the trader?

To become the trader take 4 steps:

Sign up for a free introduction course of training in the TradeBiFo company.
Download the program the trade terminal.
Open a free demo account for educational trade without risk.
Choose to yourself the consultant-teacher in the TradeBiFo company who will help you to learn to trade.