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Market overview for March 30

Market overview for March 30

For a month the shares of Gazprom (MCX: GAZP) are waiting for some events in the outset with borders of 137-144 rubles for one paper. This means that none of the buyers or sellers have an advantage.

This movement sideways is inside the triangle, which began to form from the beginning of 2018. And this triangle is located inside even more with the top of the beginning of May 2016 and the lowest point in June 2017, and all these figures are formed within another outset with borders 112-170 rubles, which has lasted almost six years.

In any case, Gazprom shares could not recover after the collapse of the 2008 crisis, collapsing then from 368 rubles to 84 rubles in a short period of time. Gazprom's securities in this period of time are exactly in the middle of this long outset, and quotes can go both that and in the other direction.

Sooner or later, Gazprom's quotes will start to grow, and this growth will be strong. After all, Gazprom is the most powerful Russian corporation with a capitalization of almost 5 trillion rubles, in September 2017 Gazprom Group topped the rating of global energy companies S & P Global Platts. There are many other fundamental factors that indicate the possibility of including shares in their securities basket.

Fortunately, over the past six years, there have been many opportunities for purchases with various reductions in the value of shares. Dividend policy is also changing for the better: payments are increasing: from 2 kopecks in 1994 to 8.03 rubles in 2016. Even those who bought at the highs in 2008 could already go in plus, well, or at least to zero with the strategy of permanent stable purchases of shares, which equalizes the average value of the acquired asset, and even if we take into account the dividends.

With the strategy of constant purchases, the accumulation of stocks is the first priority, but for this it is necessary to have loyalty to your chosen securities.

Oliver Gilbert, analyst of company

Foto: © Reuters. Who is waiting for Gazprom shares?


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