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Reserves of the Russian Federation at the peak of 3.5 years

Reserves of the Russian Federation at the peak of 3.5 years

Gold and exchange currency reserves of Russia for the week of March 23 grew by $ 2.4 billion and by the end of last Friday were estimated at $ 457.8 billion, which is their maximum value since September 19, 2014.

In the reporting week, the Russian Ministry of Finance continued to purchase foreign currency on the market due to the resulting additional income from oil growth, which the regulator has been conducting since February last year.

According to the daily statistics of the Central Bank, over the past week, the Ministry of Finance bought in the domestic market and deposited in the Treasury's accounts with the CBR a currency worth 48.1 billion rubles ($ 0.84 billion).

The Finance Ministry also closed the $ 4 billion Eurobond placement deal last week, which it held on March 16, but proceeds from the placement of $ 3.2 billion went to buyback securities, and did not affect the dynamics of reserves.

In the reporting week, currencies other than the US dollar included in reserves, showed mainly growth in world markets, as well as gold.

According to the CBR, as of July 1, 2017, the share of assets denominated in US dollars was 46.3 percent, in euros - 25.1 percent, in the British pound - 8.2 percent, in Canadian dollars - 3.2 percent, the Australian dollar - 1.0 percent, in Chinese yuan - 0.1 percent.

Foto: © Reuters. Ingots of gold at the Krastsvetmet plant in Krasnoyarsk

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