Data of an economic calendar allow the trader to consider the previous situation and to play on news in own favor.

Automatic updating in process of a release of new data

To earn on the financial markets, it is necessary to purchase any asset cheaper, and later time — to sell more expensively, having earned on a difference of the prices. It is logical that success in trade on Forex is based on ability to construct the right forecast of movement of quotations. If the trader correctly determines where the price moves — will get high profit.

Economic calendar

The economic calendar in real time provides only general information and can't be the assistant in case of real trade. Tradebifo does everything possible for submission of the most exact information, however because of a huge number of data and their sources inaccuracies for which Tradebifo doesn't bear responsibility can take place. The economic calendar in real time can be changed without preliminary notification about it.

The main objective of an economic calendar to prompt to the trader about an economic event, important for the financial markets, and as it will affect asset price.

The economic calendar of news and events for Forex is created to help traders with creation of exact forecasts and adoption of competent, reasoned trade decisions. Any financial assets: currencies, shares, indexes, metals and oil react to the taking place events. The price changes to a greater or lesser extent depending on importance of news.

Calendar of events on Forex

What of events in the market will be the most significant, capable to influence the prices? When it is worth expecting the beginning of a "bull" or "bear" trend and how it can influence the market?

For traders it is extremely important to make the right decisions. Goal setting and the choice of the separate financial instrument for trade will bring success only if you know, what moves the market, and the you can determine rather precisely the moments of an entrance to the market and an exit from it.

From Tradebifo you will find useful information about the forthcoming macroeconomic events in an economic calendar. With a calendar you will be able not only to watch the major economic events which lead to price movements in the market, but also to make the right investment decisions. As the markets extremely quickly react to the economic events leaving in the world, you will find a calendar very useful to yourself as you will know time of an exit of economic events and to consider it in the trade strategy.

It is possible to earn both on bull, and on the bear market if only you know what tendency in the market will prevail and as the prices after establishment of a tendency will change. And here the economic calendar of Tradebifo will come in handy to you.

The attention to details brings money

Being regularly verified with an economic calendar of Tradebifo , you will always know about an exit of numerous economic indicators and will be able to be prepared for strong price movements in the market. Economic indicators help the trader to make trade decisions taking into account economic events and to do the forecast for the price movements caused by them. For example, knowledge of time of an exit of such indicators as GDP, the level of unemployment or inflation rates allows participants of the market to be prepared for growth of volatility in the market and to beforehand ensure good trade opportunities.

We provide the short description of the major economic indicators.

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