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About us

Broker TRADEBiFO was founded in 2009 by a group of companies Reston Invest.A.S. The main kind of activity, was to trade on the international exchange Eurex Frankfurt AG (EUREX), with large portfolio of foreign companies.

СAfter the registration of a broker in 2014, agreements were signed with the company Exchange Technologies — the industry leader of software for online trading on the newest technology (STP-DMA), which not only opens the interbank market for individual traders, but makes traders price-makers.

During the first months of operation agreements were signed with major Western counterparts, providing access to the bank foreign exchange market. Thus began the history of the company TRADEBiFO in brokerage services.

Today, our company provides a full range of services in the field of trading, thanks to its unique platform Utip with two modules (forex and binary options), which will meet the requirements of any trader.

Throughout the entire period of operation, the company adheres to the initially taken the course of providing quality customer services - regardless of the prevailing market conditions . The team TRADEBiFO — a team of high quality professionals in the field of financial advice, legal support and dealing operations. The company's staff is constantly growing - we are happy to enlist the services of talented young professionals from spheres related to the provision of online trading.

TRADEBIFO company provides some of the best traders in the Forex trade.